3 Crucial SEO Steps Everyone Must Take Before Launching a Website

If you a part of an SEO company, you should already know the crucial steps you should take prior to launching a new website. Still, if you are not, don’t worry as we bring you the essential SEO steps that will boost your website and make it Google-friendly. Therefore, relax and start reading these to understand how to launch your website like a pro and get the best results in the shortest amount of time!

Use and connect Analytics

In marketing, everything is about measuring and know what your users want from you and what they are searching for. Keeping the track of the users is crucial for your success as you need to know who visits your site as well as what they did there. Google Analytics allows you to track every activity on your site – if you have an e-commerce store, you will be able to notice even when a user adds a product in a basket and then leaves the page. Even more than that – you can see the average age of your users, their locations and the average time they spend on your page! All you need to do is to sign up for an Analytics account, let your website go live, connect it with Analytics and that’s it! Just insert a small piece of code into the website’s theme pages like header.php or footer.php.

google analytics elements

Do the SEO audit

Before getting your site indexed, you need to optimize it as much as possible. One of the things that is important, which also affects the overall website’s speed, is the SEO audit. This means that you will check for every single SEO element – from page/h1 titles, to META descriptions, broken links, canonical tags and checking the theme’s code. Though the page’s code structure is more related to the technical SEO, it is also among the most important things you need to do. For example, removing extra space between rows in code can improve the website’s speed dramatically so after you check everything on-page, make sure to run a quick technical audit before hiring an expert to do this. These spaces are usually added due to the better readability, but when a machine reads the code with spaces, it requires more resources. In return, you get a slower page and therefore poor user experience.

SEO audit

Make a Sitemap

Once your site goes live, you need to do one more thing to make the process of launching it as smooth as possible. Having a correct Sitemap helps Google (or other search engines) in crawling your website. The indexation of your page is important for your ranking and the search engines will find your website “friendly” which means it will be indexed much faster. This is not a big problem when you have a small website with one or two pages. But, when you have multi-branching and a lot of services and pages, things can become tricky for search bots. Therefore, submitting your sitemaps helps crawlers to understand your site and index it well.