How To Optimize Your Website In 3 Steps?

Have you ever wondered How to Achieve a Screaming Fast Website? If you own a website, it is your primary goal to achieve the fully optimized site to provide your users the best possible experience! For the sake of article, we have prepared a few tips that you should follow when it comes to optimization of website and we suggest you to follow these to ensure the best experience to your users and potential clients.

Choose mobile-friendly design

Having a mobile responsive website is crucial in today’s Internet as there are a lot of mobile users who want to use the service you offer. Also, the latest ranking’s algorithm by Google gives advantage to the websites that use mobile responsive design since the number of mobile users has increased drastically.,

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With this in mind, we have to consider avoiding popup windows that can be irritating, especially on the smaller screens and mobile devices. Also, shorter meta titles are much efficient on mobile devices and therefore consider using shorter ones instead of the long ones that are more appropriate to PC/Mac users. Also, make sure to make your content shorter for mobile users as they will get bored after scrolling and tapping the screens.

Consider the technical side of SEO

The technical side of SEO is another important aspect that you must consider as handling and interpreting large amounts of data is imperative. What you can do is to scan the website, after it is launched, using Google Console to see if there are any errors that might affect the overall SEO performance of the site.

There, you can check robots.txt, the indexing, duplicated content and all other aspects of a website. Make sure to look for any duplicated tags, titles or descriptions and if there is any, make sure to edit it and make it unique. Robots.txt is as well one of the most important sides of technical SEO as this file enables search engines’ crawlers to scan the website easier. Also, consider submitting the XML sitemap to make the process of indexing and crawling faster.

The speed is essential

The average time that users spend on a page that is loading is about 3 seconds, which means that your website has to load in less than 3 seconds. Anything above this time means that it is very likely that your users will go to other site, even if your site offers everything they need.

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To achieve the good speed, you should minimize the number of scripts, images and CSS files, as well as to reduce the files to make page load faster. JS scripts as well can slow down your site, while inappropriate hosting service may also reduce the overall speed of the site. In case you use CMSs, make sure that you minimize the number of plugins that you use, as well as the number of redirecting links. This is something that you must check to ensure that your site is optimized properly.