How To Start With SEO Basics And Improve Your Website?

SEO optimization became the inevitable part of web development, especially if you are running an online business that has a lot of customers. Hiring the SEO expert is the best way to go, but if you cannot afford this service, which is not cheap by the way, you can always take a look at the best free SEO tools and this guide to start the process of optimization. As you progress, you will learn more and more and therefore you will eventually become able to do this on your own.

Start with the On-Site SEO first

The SEO starts with on-site optimization as this is the most important element of the entire process. You might think that link building is more important and you are probably right, but you cannot extract the maximum benefits from link building if you do not have proper on-site optimization. Start with the title tag as this info tells the search engines what your site is about. Make sure it is relevant to the niche/topic. Then, the next step is a meta description.

Learning SEO Basics
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The meta description provides more information about your page to web crawlers and search engines, so they could know what your page has to offer. Some people say the meta descriptions are not crucial for the rankings, however, it will not harm your rankings that is for sure. Therefore, write a unique description of 150 characters at most and make sure you include your main keyword in it.

The next part of on-site optimization are internal links and ALT image tags. The internal links help search engines to get a better idea of the structure of your website as well as easier navigation through the structure.

Pay attention to ALT tags and IMAGE tags, as these tell the engines more information about the pictures you have on the website. It is a good practice to include a keyword, if possible, in the ALT tag of the image. Then we come to the content. Content is what attracts the customers and if you have unique content that helps the readers to find out more about a certain topic or you offer them a solution to their problem, you have good content. Just make sure that you do not stuff keywords as this can penalize your website and decrease its ranking.

Off-site optimization – link building

Off-site SEO relates mostly to link building, which is basically a case when some other (authority) website has a phrase/keyword with a hyperlink that leads to your webpage. The reason why this is important is that the search engines render your website as an authority in case some other authoritative website points out to yours.

Improve Your Website
Learning SEO Basics

Organic links are the best ones as these are natural ones that people post through comments, reviews, guest posts and other forms. Avoid black-hat techniques as these are penalized by Google since every black-hat SEO is basically a hack that helps you to rank better. White-hat optimization is the normal process that consists of techniques that are allowed by Google and other search engines.