Most Important SEO Tips

If you haven’t been following SEO lately, then you should read this article because from the last time you used SEO or heard of it a lot has changed and you don’t want to start using it without learning about these changes. One of those news is that targeting a certain keyword in order to improve your ranking is not working anymore in search engines, but having keywords is still a huge benefit. We know, it all may sound very confusing and a lot to take in at once, but that’s why we are here to make this very simple and easy to understand for you. In this article, we are going to show you some of the most important SEO tips that you can use for your benefit.

Removing Unnecessary Weight

What we mean by unnecessary weight is all the things on your website that you really don’t need because they are simply slowing it down. That’s right, all the things your website doesn’t need or use anymore can and has to be removed. If you don’t remove certain things that you might use in the past, it will pile up and it will significantly slow down your website. The reason why a slow website is not good is that people don’t want to waste their time on these websites.

Unnecessary Weight

This means you will lose precious visitors and that will hurt you if you are making money from your website. Even a delay of the only 1s of load time can result in a loss of around 7% visitors. The speed of your website is important for both visitors and for search engines. If you don’t believe us, then try it out yourself, just take a look when you try to load a page, and nothing happens for the first 3-5 seconds, you will most likely just abandon it and that’s how most people will do.

Link to Other Websites

Linking other websites on your page is considered to be a very beneficial thing. However, there are some p0eople who still think this isn’t a good idea because you are losing valuable visitors from your website by placing a link. Linking is a fundamental part of using search engines as a strategy to maintain and grow in visitors. There will always be people who won’t see this as a great opportunity, but you have to try it out at least to realize just how good it is. Of course, you should always link some trustworthy sites on your website because you don’t want to send people off to some random website. Making sure that the content is somewhat related to your content is very important when creating these links because people want to learn more about a certain topic.


This will come back to you in a form of new visitors when some other website links your page. It all goes in a big circle, but when a new website comes in, it brings in new visitors to that circle. You shouldn’t expect from others to give this benefit to you if you don’t do it first.