Skyscraper technique in 3 steps

Skyscraper technique is an SEO technique that involves building on pre-existing content. Precisely, this technique entails identifying pre-existing content. Secondly, skyscraper entails re-engineering such content to make it original. There are several steps entailed in skyscraper technique with the first one being identifying the most popular content. Not all content should be used in skyscraper technique but only content that is already quite popular. This is informed by the fact that such popular content has a high potential to attract many visitors to the site thus ultimately increasing the rankings. In identifying the popular content, you can employ the use of various tools such as Rank Tracker that makes it possible to rank various content based on the ease with which they can be identified by search engine platforms such as Google.

In addition to simply identifying the most popular content, the second aspect with respect to skyscraper technique is linked embedding. You should aim to include as many links as possible to your article. In building the link, you should get the appropriate tools such as SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer. The Explorer should make it easier for you to create backlinks to your article and some of these links can actually link to the original article in question.

The third and final step in skyscraper technique is rewarding and revamping the article. This function should seek to ensure that you are in a position to reward and completely revamp the article and make it your own. It is also important to ensure that you are able to maintain the overall integrity and accuracy of the content.