How To Find The Cheapest Tickets For Your Travel?

Buying air tickets has never been easier as there are tons of websites that allow you to buy the air tickets. While no one would give you a ticket for free, it is inevitable that you must pay for these. However, as the prices may be high in most of the cases, there are a couple of tricks you can do make sure the price is not the highest one.

Over the years of traveling, we collected a lot of experience and therefore we managed to make this short article with the best tips you should follow when reserving the ticket online.

Make sure you use an incognito window

Even though there were rumors that this wasn’t true, it actually is. Every time you search for a certain flight, the airline companies use their algorithms that present the prices. However, if you search for a certain flight several times, you can notice that the price increases.

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Buying Online Cheapest Tickets

This is because they want you to make a reservation out of fear that the price may be even higher. So, make sure you use an incognito window of your browser that does not collect/track cookies and the price should remain the same.

Make sure to choose the cheapest day to fly

As you probably know, ticket prices may differ for different days. Also, this was debated a million of times as a lot of people claim that this does not matter. However, the prices vary for different days.

For example, the cheapest tickets are on the weekdays, except Friday, while the most expensive ones are on Saturday and Sunday. Check the different days to find the most affordable price for your travel and avoid spending too much money.

Collect points

If you a frequent traveler, you should register in the airline that you use most. While this can be a bit exhausting due to the excessive amount of paperwork, it actually pays off. Every time you book a flight, you get a certain amount of points for yourself.

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Couple Travel With Train Around The World

Once you collect a certain number of points, you can either get a free flight or a significant discount on the ticket. Generally speaking, though this differs from company to company, 60,000 points is worth around $750. This cash-back concept is great, especially if you travel with kids and you buy bulk tickets.

Use connecting flights

The connecting flights do take most of the time but come at the cheaper prices. If your travel is not strict and you can afford to lose several hours, then go for the connecting flights. Instead of the direct flight to the final destination, you will land on an airport where you wait a few hours for the next flight to come when you connect and fly to the final destination. Again, these flights often have 3 to 8 hours of waiting time between the flights, but if the time is not crucial for your travel, always go for the connecting flight.