The Advanced Reporting For Digital Marketers – The Best Tools

Our bosses always want to know what we are doing and how we perform certain tasks and when you are into SEO, things can be a bit complicated than usual. Each month, the advanced reporting for digital marketers is something that is inevitable as reporting is a crucial part of identifying the gaps and bridging those. Like you would like to know, bosses like to know where their money goes. We present you the best marketing tools that you should use for making your reports.

Note that we cannot say which one is the best, but rather offer you the pros of each so you could decide which one could give you more benefits. In any case. All these three we will list are cool and useful in their own ways, so make sure you inspect each of them to find out which one offers you everything you need.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics suffered a lot of criticism for nothing, even though this is a great tool that allows you to make detailed reports. The SOURCE/MEDIUM tab allows you to identify the number of people that convert from an initial click to the last one.

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So, you can sort like this and get more context for your reports. The more context you have in your report, the more credible you are. For this reason, people criticize this tool, even though it is their mistake to identify and use insights that are valuable. With this high level of customization that allows you to create great insights, Google Analytics deserves the title for one of the best marketing tools out there.


If you like a single dashboard with a lot of information and a huge level of integration with other tools, Cyfe is the right tool for you! Cyfe tracks a single event that happens, which causes changes and impacts in other aspects.

You can integrate Google Ads, finance and everything else you want with this tool and make a custom report that depicts the progress towards your goals and objectives. The best thing is that you can add multiple users, where one works with PPC while the other works on something else. Of course, you can create multiple dashboards if you want to, with implementing different things like email, blogging or advertising. Therefore, you have everything in a single tool. Or you can search AppValley for similar apps.


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When it comes to analytics, we sometimes want to have everything in one place instead of using multiple tools and boards. This is exactly what you can get with this tool! Supermetrics is cool as it uses multiple tools to deliver the results and its main support is Google Data Studio. Panda Helper iPhone can be helpful too for those needs.

If you are dealing with PPC, SEO, social signals and analytics, Supermetrics allows you to combine everything in one report and have everything automated. The tool also allows you to use templates made by professional data analysts. It enables you to compare different traffics, users and track your advertising on a single board.