The Main Differences Between Orthodontist And Dentist

A lot of people cannot tell the difference between the orthodontist and dentist. But it is not their fault. While these two occupations may seem the same at the first sight and have some common points, these are actually completely different.

The process of making the service and arranging the Orthodontist SEO relies on the same principle, but the work of services is oriented towards the different works. Here is the breakdown of the differences between these two occupations so you could be sure which you need.

What is a dentist?

Let’s start with this occupation first as it is more common among people. A dentist is a person who attends medical school and later on attends the specialization course for a few years to become a specialized person who takes care of oral hygiene.

Repairing Tooth
Orthodontic Treatment And Dental Caries

This relates to anything from tooth decay, root canals, disease, teeth crowns, bridges and the process of whitening. Also, they do the x-ray, perform any type of oral surgery and prescribe you any treatment if needed to keep your oral hygiene in the good condition. Therefore, we could say that dentist is the guy that analyzes and offers the solutions for our general oral hygiene.

What is an orthodontist?

Now, we come to the orthodontist. The orthodontist is an educated professional from medical school who also has to attend the special course of orthodontics where learns about oral hygiene as well, but with a bit different focus.

Instead of gum diseases and process of teeth whitening, the orthodontist learns about the problems of misaligned teeth, crowded teeth as well as overbite and underbite.

When you have a space between teeth or problems with temporomandibular diseases, you go to orthodontist as he can adjust your jaw to make sure that teeth stay healthy and grow well. Their job is to set your jaw correctly, but they can also perform teeth-straightening surgeries if needed, without assistance from dentists.

So, what is the difference?

We could say that dentists are more focused on the overall state of teeth and your oral hygiene while the latter helps you with the process of teeth growth. The dentists cannot help you with your underbite but can help you to keep your teeth in the good condition. Therefore, they share the same work but in different directions, to say it bluntly. Also, they go to the same school, but later on, they focus on the different studies on medical universities.

Little Kid And Dentist
Young Kid In Dentist Chair

You can think of dentists as the general practitioner and of the orthodontist as the specialist. Since the majority of problems can be solved by the dentist, fewer people visit orthodontist ever. As long as you have problems that are not related to your jaw and tooth crowding, you will go to the dentist. However, it is recommended for kids to visit orthodontist until they are 7 years old to make sure that their jaws are fixed right as well as that they do not have problems with teeth positioning.