What are white hat SEO practices?

There are several approaches to search engine optimization with one of these approaches being the white hat SEO approach. White hat SEO practices or techniques for that matter are techniques that are geared towards improving the visibility of your website while at the same time ensuring that the integrity of your website is not compromised.

The first white hat SEO technique is the appropriate use of Keywords. Keywords refer to keywords that actually refer to those words that generally describe the content. The keywords should be appropriately placed and not just stuffed into the article.

In addition to the use of Meta keywords, the third white SEO technique is simply the use of high-quality content. The visibility of your content is highly determined by the quality of your content. Most search engines including Google will rely on the quality of your content in order to determine their visibility.

The focus on user experience is indeed another white hat SEO technique that can be used to ensure that your site is able to appear on the first page of Google. This is because of Google and other search engines accord priority to high-quality websites.

Link building is another white hat SEO technique that can go a long way towards improving the overall visibility of your website. Link building simply refers to embedding appropriate links into your website and these links should actually lead to content that is related to your site.

The fifth technique that should be used with respect to white hat SEO technique is the use of proper titles. Titles are generally meant to describe the nature of content contained in the different web pages. Google uses the title of the pages as a way of prioritizing their visibility.

The sixth and final white hat SEO technique is to avoid the use of keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing refers to lumping keywords into your web pages without necessarily checking to see if the keywords serve to improve the quality of your article. Most search engines will decline stiffed content and this will undermine the visibility of your content.